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What Meat Eaters Get Wrong About Vegetarians | TIME

… vegetarians slide into self-righteousness, but have you ever heard hunters defend their hobby? Or meat eaters talk about the design of the human body, digestive system, and manifest evolutionary advantages? I have had people tell me they cannot be vegetarians because they are “foodies” with the same pride as if announcing they are relief workers in the Congo. Self-righteousness is more a personality trait than an accompaniment of a political or social position. And sometimes the very …

A Vegetarian’s Guide To Proteins – The New Indian Express

A vegetarian can have a healthy lifestyle when it comes to food habits. A balanced diet for them is easily possible but most vegetarians don’t take care to consume an important nutrient of a balanced diet — the proteins. The richest sources of protein are usually not consumed by vegetarians — meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. Being the building blocks of a human body, proteins are essential for the proper functioning of all the organ in our bodies. Therefore vegetarians have to work a …

Vegetarian lifestyle good for environment – The Morning Call

… food to eat, space to live and fresh water to use. Right now, that isn’t happening for at least a billion people out of the 7 billion presently inhabiting Earth, and it is expected to get worse over the next years. Plants don’t provide all the nutrients and amino acids a human body needs which is why such people have to take handfuls of supplements each day. This is also why they generally look like death. I respect your opinion and moral desire to do what you believe is right. I …

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