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La Vernia News / Recipes / The vegetarian grill

… Lightly brush the vegetables with olive oil and put them directly on the grill, turning until tender. Try larger hunks, like half a green pepper, large slices of squash or portabella mushroom caps, which are large enough to sit on the grates without falling through. A grill basket, aluminum foil pan or kabobs also can be used. If you prefer steamed veggies, wrap them in aluminum foil with a little olive oil and your favorite marinade or spices. Seal and place on grill, turning occasionally, for …

Plant-based menu options sprouting up everywhere | Windsor Star

By Beatrice Fantoni, Feb 11, 2015 – 5:38 PM EST – Last Updated: Feb 11, 2015 – 9:11 PM EST The list of entrees on the latest menu at Neros Steakhouse reads something like this: herb roasted double cut Alberta lamb chops, organic bison tenderloin, lentil cake spiced with cumin and caramelized onion. You read that right. Right next to steaming hunks of meat is a full-out vegetarian entrée made of lentils. And it’s tasty, too. Is there a tree-hugging hippy in the kitchen at …

Derek Rielly: Becoming a vegetarian… again

… into the meat-eating game via some opportunistic swipes into unfinished tins of tuna searching for those delicious salty hunks of meat and by cleaning up my sons’ unfinished spag bol. Click on the link below to finish reading this humour-filled article. Perhaps you can relate to Derek’s journey too. via Derek Rielly: Becoming a vegetarian… again. …

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