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La Vernia News / Recipes / The vegetarian grill

… Lightly brush the vegetables with olive oil and put them directly on the grill, turning until tender. Try larger hunks, like half a green pepper, large slices of squash or portabella mushroom caps, which are large enough to sit on the grates without falling through. A grill basket, aluminum foil pan or kabobs also can be used. If you prefer steamed veggies, wrap them in aluminum foil with a little olive oil and your favorite marinade or spices. Seal and place on grill, turning occasionally, for …

Plant-based menu options sprouting up everywhere | Windsor Star

By Beatrice Fantoni, Feb 11, 2015 – 5:38 PM EST – Last Updated: Feb 11, 2015 – 9:11 PM EST The list of entrees on the latest menu at Neros Steakhouse reads something like this: herb roasted double cut Alberta lamb chops, organic bison tenderloin, lentil cake spiced with cumin and caramelized onion. You read that right. Right next to steaming hunks of meat is a full-out vegetarian entrée made of lentils. And it’s tasty, too. Is there a tree-hugging hippy in the kitchen at …

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