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5 Muscle-Building Foods For Vegetarians

… potassium, as well as higher intakes of shortfall nutrients for some populations, including vitamins A, E, and C, folate, iron and magnesium. The study also shows that chickpeas also complement grains to form a source of complete proteins for vegetarians or low socio-economic individuals. To finish reading this article, please click on this link: Source: 5 Muscle-Building Foods For Vegetarians …

Eat fish and veggies to reduce colon cancer risk, study says | Nature World Report

… frequency questionnaire and categorized in each of four vegetarian diet schemes: vegan, lacto-ovo (milk-eggs) vegetarian, pescovegetarian (fish-eating), semivegetarian (some meat). Results from individuals with these dietary patterns were compared to those having non-vegetarian dietary habits. When assessing the relationship between dietary patterns and new cases of colon and rectum cancers in the study population, the researchers found that pescovegetarians had a 43 percent lower risk of …

More than one good reason for eating mainly plant foods

… diet. Many people, especially men in Western countries are, on average, eating too much of it. Despite vested interests that wish to maintain this status quo, which prevails in most Western countries, there are very good reasons to curb your meat consumption. A large body of evidence suggests vegetarians enjoy lower rates of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and hypertension. A 2013 study of over 70,000 individuals in the United States found a 12% reduction in premature death for …

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