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Let your children make their own eating choices – Parentdish UK

… Kelly Rose Bradford is a life-long vegetarian. “My son William has been vegetarian since birth,’ she says. ‘He eats anything from Indian to Mexican and everything in between, and is in robust health. I believe that eating meat is wrong, so why would I feed it to my child?” Dawn Blake agrees. “People are always giving me a hard time about bringing my children up vegetarian, and offer up all sorts of arguments about how I’m oppressing or depriving my children. …

Fredericksburg woman’s soup business grows organically – Fredericksburg.com: Local Business

BY LINDLEY ESTES/THE FREE LANCE-STAR, Posted on Mar 1, 2015 Kelly Pawlik only uses organic, locally grown ingredients in her soups, so it’s fitting that her business City Soup grew in the same way. In November Pawlik, 44, began the business out of the kitchen of her Willis Street home in Fredericksburg as a way to make extra cash, but word bubbled through the community. Likes on the business’ Facebook page, its only means of marketing, grew exponentially. The Fredericksburg-area native had …

Burger King bigwig goes for veggie startup

… food,” Swette said. “As the head of marketing at PepsiCo, I did all the Super Bowl commercials and ads, and I was lucky to have that career.” Swette’s daughter became a vegetarian, and his wife, Kelly, who serves as the CEO of Sweet Earth Natural Foods, was interested in how nutrition affects health. As Swette learned more about health, food and sustainability, he had an “aha” moment several years ago, after serving as COO of eBay . “Knowing that health …

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