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6 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Go Vegetarian

… with similar lifestyles. The results demonstrate that death from ischemic heart disease (caused by severe narrowing or closing of the coronary arteries) was 24 percent lower in vegetarians than in carnivores—perhaps due in part to lower levels of inflammation. “Plant-based diets have been proven time and again to be anti-inflammatory,” asserts Emily Bailey, RD, director of nutrition coaching, sports nutrition, eating disorders, and weight management at NutriFormance in St. Louis. …

Go vegetarian – Livemint

… amounts of healthy oils such as olive and coconut oils, is a well-rounded vegetarian diet. There is enough research to show that such a vegetarian diet has fewer calories, lower levels of saturated fat and cholesterol, and more fibre, potassium and vitamin C than other diets. To continue reading this article, please click on this link: Source: Go vegetarian – Livemint …

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