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Taco Bell now offers an AVA certified vegetarian and vegan menu! 

By Lynn Griffith | October 4, 2015   The Vegetarian Times Study reported that 7.3 million Americans are vegetarian and an additional 22.8 million Americans follow a vegetarian inclined diet.(1) The vegetarian diet has been continually growing in popularity.  Vegetarians have a lower risk of developing heart disease, colorectal, ovarian and breast cancers, diabetes, obesity and hypertension.  The diet is typically low in fat and high in fiber, though it is possible to eat excessive amounts …

French lawmaker is proposing all schools go vegetarian! • The Raw Food World News

By Lynn Griffith | September 21, 2015 In the United States, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reports that discrimination laws apply to employees’ dress and grooming.  Some religions prohibit wearing certain garments and others require hair to be certain lengths.  The law requires employers to make accommodations and be respectful of this, whether it is a newly adopted religious change, or one that has been a part of a person’s life for years. (1) It is interesting that in …

Vegan restaurants convince consumers that the vegan trend is here to stay! • The Raw Food World News

By Lynn Griffith | August 24, 2015 In the United States alone, 7.3 million people follow a vegetarian diet, 1 million are vegan, and 22.8 million people largely follow a vegetarian-inclined diet.  As research continues to amass proof of the numerous health benefits that come from giving up at least some, if not all, meat, the plant-based diet continues to grow in popularity. (1) Never before in history has there been a better time to make the switch to a vegetarian lifestyle.  Companies such …

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