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World Vegetarian Day: Learn health facts regarding vegetarianism

By Yvette Collins | October 1, 2015 World Vegetarian Day: Going Vegetarian Is A Healthy Choice Today is World Vegetarian Day, October 1, 2015. This is the day set aside each year to recognize vegetarians and discuss health facts regarding vegetarianism. A vegetarian is a person who consumes fruits, vegetables, grains and protein. The protein consumed comes from non-meat food items. Research shows vegetarians live longer lives than non-vegetarians. According to Registered Dietitian Marisa Moore, …

New vegans explain their motivations and how easy or hard it is to eat differently – The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

By Avery Yale Kamila, Posted March 18 2015 Sam Moore never knew any vegans until he went vegan himself two years ago. “Veganism is a very new idea to a lot of people, including me,” said Moore, 35. The Maine native, who now lives in North Conway, New Hampshire, took the vegan plunge after watching YouTube videos of cooks preparing raw food. “I tried to do some of the things they were doing, but it was cumbersome and difficult,” Moore said. Then he discovered the growing number of …

Meatless meals even meat eaters will love – St. Joseph News-Press and FOX 26 KNPN: Life

In a region where beef often is what’s for dinner, it’s hard to make the case for vegetables, much less convince people to forgo meat altogether. However, heart disease and obesity are problems of epidemic proportions in America, so more people are finding ways to cut down their meat intake. One way to do this is to make vegetables the star attraction of the dinner plate. Lexi Moore, a volunteer with Goode Food-Delivered, has been a vegetarian since she was 19 but is engaged to a meat eater. …

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