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The Lonesome Vegetarian: Tastes of Turkey and Ethiopia give meatless diners some global options | The Star Telegram The Star Telegram

… cooked in olive oil. There’s also the stew-like soslu patlijan, sauteed eggplant in a tomato-onion sauce, and a good version of the familiar baba ghanoush (eggplant pureed with tahini, garlic, etc., similar to hummus). The long list also includes red lentil soup with vegetables and herbs; zucchini pancakes made with carrot and parsley; a fried cigar-shaped pastry stuffed with salty white cheese and parsley; two yogurt dishes; and falafel, hummus, dolmas and tabbouleh. All these are available …

Ideas to please vegetable lovers – The Washington Post

… degrees or so.” For firm vegetables, chopping them smaller will also cut down on roasting time. If you’re craving a new, seasonal vegetable, look for growth shoots and leaves later in March — “ramps, garlic scapes, pea greens and herbs like parsley, as well as radishes. I know, I too am ready to move on from root vegetables!” Ancient veggies in the back of the freezer? They might be salvageable. “It probably wouldn’t be dangerous to eat — freezing food prevents bacterial growth …

Silk Road Vegetarian: Central Asian Flavors in Your Kitchen

… amazing, and also very by-the-book cook. This recipe passed his test, and came out deliciously. In short order followed the red lentil curry and roasted carrot salad with feta and parsley. The red lentils were hearty and smoky, almost like the vegetarian Indian cousin of the Sloppy Joe. For the roasted carrot salad I used an array of rainbow carrots, which were easy to find in the grocery store, and added an extra layer of beauty to this already delightful dish (roast carrots, sprinkle feta …

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