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Stories from a Peripatetic Kitchen – The New Indian Express

… a Rockefeller Fellow along with Rukmini’s husband, social anthropologist M N Srinivas, Narayan spent many evenings with the couple, narrating them stories, and using Rukmini as a sounding board while plotting the twists and turns of the book he was writing then—The Guide. Narayan—with his fondness for scented areca nut, zealously scrutinising food labels in America to ensure he eats vegetarian, ‘cleansing’ his mouth with curd rice after mistaking pepperoni for tomato on a pizza—is …

Telling your kids they just ate Babe: Observations from a meat-phobic mom

… diet. Don’t cater to their whims or make separate meals, but allow them to prepare their own meat-free food. Some teens will capitulate to pressure the first time their friends order a pepperoni pizza, and the problem will pass. Others have a deep commitment to animal rights, and they need nutritional counseling. Have your meat-free teen talk with a doctor or registered dietician about how to do vegetarianism right. Respect for animals Underlying the meat debate is a feeling of respect for …

Trying to Eat Less Meat? Ten Veggie Dishes for Carnivores | A Healthier Michigan

… wonton wrappers adds up to a healthy and meat-free take on ravioli. Chickpea Curry This recipe is easily adaptable by mixing up the veggies called for with ones you particularly prefer. Vegan Pizza A fresh, classic pizza that will make meat eaters forget all about sausage and pepperoni. Vegan Parmesan completes this pie. Vegan Lasagna Make this comfort food staple on the weekend and enjoy leftovers all week. Lentil Stew with Winter Vegetables Warm and filling and perfect for feeding a big brood. …

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