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Leaving Nemo Out of Sushi – The New Indian Express

… palatable to them. The idea is to familiarise people with sushi.” There seem to be persistent efforts from the restaurateurs and chefs to go beyond the basic sushi rolls. “We, at Pan Asian, do authentic and contemporary sushi. We do a Sarada roll with Japanese pickled vegetables. The vegetarian California roll is a hit with diners and a Plum Maki is relished by many. We also have gluten-free rolls in which we wrap the ingredients in rice paper and we don’t use soy in that,” says …

Ideas to please vegetable lovers – The Washington Post

… each day — and, if you choose, dairy and eggs — you should be getting the protein you need,” Krieger says. Grains and legumes, such as rice and beans, supply a complete protein, but you don’t need to eat them at the same time to get the full benefit. If you want something vegan and gluten-free, try bean and vegetable soups or rice bowls. “I am loving to make rice bowls, with hot whole-grain rice topped with a variety of steamed, raw and pickled vegetables, peanuts or sesame seeds and …

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