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Vegetarian Protein Meal Ideas | POPSUGAR Fitness

… conditions. And since these proteins are lower on the food chain, they’re a more planet-friendly way to eat. Here are four plant-based proteins to add to your shopping cart. All have proven health benefits plus at least as much protein as an egg! Peas Pea protein is popping in ingredient lists, from breads and snack foods to breakfast cereals and protein powders. A cup of cooked split peas packs in about 16 grams of protein compared to six grams in regular green peas. If you’re …

Burger King bigwig goes for veggie startup

Sweet Earth Natural Foods touts its natural ingredients, like nourishing grains, plant-based proteins and vegetables. From the looks of its products, which include seitan, veggie burritos, and quinoa and lentil burgers, it would be hard to guess that its founder was once a board chairman of Burger King  and a top executive at PepsiCo . That’s exactly what founder Brian Swette was, until he was introduced to the movement in sustainable foods. “I was kind of on the dark side of …

Quit meat, save dough

… meat, eggs and dairy are getting more expensive. In America, where we eat more meat on a per capita basis than almost any other nation, there could hardly be a better time than now to start eating less meat and more plant-based proteins.   Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/quit-meat-save-dough-article-1.1811842#ixzz33dZKEsmS …

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