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I’m going vegetarian 3 times a week – Jamie – IOL Lifestyle

… “an absolute joy” and encouraged others to enjoy “more plant-based delights” because it is “beneficial for the environment and your wallet”. Oliver has revealed he has written a vegetarian cookbook – but says he is struggling to get Channel 4 to make a programme because producers are “not yet convinced the general public want to see it”. The 39-year-old said: “Vegetarian and well-managed vegan diets are looking very good at the moment in general health terms. “We should all …

Other views: Know how that chicken got to your table?

… their own versions mandating more humane housing. In a boost to better treatment, Burger King and other major players in the food service industry have committed to switching entirely to eggs laid by “cage-free” hens. Consumers could inspire action to help chickens raised for meat, particularly in Congress, which could put chickens under the wing, so to speak, of the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act. When the public speaks with its dollars, companies listen and producers change their ways. …

Luxemburger Wort – Weekday vegetarian – an act of love!

… consumers of the world. For all of us meat lovers out there though, as much as we accept everybody else’s choices, becoming a vegetarian is such a big commitment. Right? Environment I’m sure most of you are aware of the environmental issue of eating meat. Meat farms are one of the largest producers of greenhouse gases and in developed countries, they are the biggest source of water pollution. Meat production is a bigger environmental problem than all transport worldwide combined. Cars, …

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