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Practical Nutrition: Making nutritious vegetarian meals – Richmond Times-Dispatch: Practical Nutrition Advice With Mary Jo Sawyer

… Tacos were cooked to order, making them a delicious, versatile entrée. You can make vegetarian tacos at home with this tasty Grilled Portobello Tacos with salsa verde recipe. I also enjoyed a small 115-calorie portion of vegan Italian ice cream (gelato) from DeLuca Gelato. I asked Nick DeLuca how it was so creamy since it was fat-free. “Our sorbets are simply fruit, water and sugar, with a small amount of stabilizers — guar gum and rice starch, with a touch of sorbitol,” he said. …

Weeknight vegetarian: Peel a plantain, elevate a taco | canada.com

… ancho chili powder — is destined to become my new Mexican-recipe staple, soon to find its way into quesadillas and enchiladas and onto tostadas. And as much as I love cheese, when you combine the spiced plantain chunks with red cabbage, salsa verde and pumpkin seeds, these tacos don’t need anything else. To finish reading this article and to access the recipe, please click on this link: Source: Weeknight vegetarian: Peel a plantain, elevate a taco | canada.com …

Lent Recipes: 10 Fish And Vegetarian Dishes That Are Full Of Flavor For The Holiday

… us love fajitas, so why not give them a twist this Lent and enjoy them for dinner. Remember the good thing about fajitas is they can be custom made! Comida Kraft’s Vegetarian Chiles Rellenos: A great (low-calorie option) that will make Lent dinners much easier. These can be served as a side or as a main dish with rice and beans.  BBC Good Food’s Salmon with salsa verde: Although it’s a different type of salsa verde, it adds another layer of flavor to the dish, which your family will …

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