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Being vegan’s about ‘making positive changes’ | Stuff.co.nz

… finally eliminated chicken from my diet. I came to discover that a lot of us have the privilege to go plant-based and supplement our vitamin b12, iron and omega 3 in a variety of ways that are not derived from animals. I don’t believe in free-range farming, because to attach the term ‘ethical’ to exploitation and killing is a contradiction. As consumers, we have a choice in what we put in our mouths and on our bodies; it is more conducive to be vegan and contribute efforts to …

Alert: A vegetarian diet’s hidden gifts and super traps – Idaho Press-Tribune: Members

… trans fats (prepared foods are loaded with them). You want to enjoy a wide array of starchy (not too many!) and non-starchy veggies, lots of greens and legumes and plenty of fruit. And make sure to get enough vitamin B-12 (you’ll almost certainly need a supplement), protein (beans, nuts, many grains), and vitamin D (try 15 minutes of daily sunshine). Then you’ll gain the big health benefits of a well-designed veggie diet: lower blood lipids, increased insulin sensitivity, lower risk of …

Bone Broth, the Healing Soup From the Paleolithic Diet (Also a Vegetarian Alternative) | Sat Hon

… as a life sustenance as well as a tribal bonding ceremony. Growing up in China, our Cantonese family always celebrated all festivals, New Year, August Moon Festival… with the bone soup. In time, this bone broth becomes a staple of southern Chinese culinary diets as well as a medicinal supplement to many ailments. Recently, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese doctors have started to prescribe bone broth as a form of immune booster, possibly taking a cue from the fact that in bone …

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