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Other views: Know how that chicken got to your table?

… Still conscious, they’re hung and shackled upside down, at times breaking wings or legs. They go through an electrified “stun” bath, but some scientists say the shock might not render them unconscious. A saw slits their throats at a clip of about two birds per second. And when things go wrong — a bird raises its head above the stun bath or jerks and evades the saw — they could end up scalded alive in a vat. An undercover investigator’s video released this month by Mercy for Animals, …

Avoid cruelty, go vegetarian | The Border Mail

March 3, 2015, midnight “IF slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.” Paul McCartney’s comment hits close to home this week. Wangaratta’s Gathercole’s abattoir on Greta Road has been investigated by the meat industry regulator PrimeSafe and found to have breached essential animal welfare standards. Footage posted online in January revealed an employee of Gathercole’s abattoir cut the throats of lambs while they appeared to be conscious and moving. The same …

Halal row has little to do with animals

… undergo a process of stunning then sticking. Cattle, sheep and pigs are stunned with a gun that fires a metal bolt into the brain. Sheep, calves and pigs have an ­electrical current passed through their brain from a large pair of tongs. Birds are hung upside down by their legs on metal shackles and dipped into an electric bath before their throats are slit. According to Islamic principles of slaughter, dhabihah halal, a sharp knife must be used to kill animals for food. Butchers are required to …

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