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Extreme Eats: Texas-Sized Dosa | Houstonia

… over-the-top cheeseburgers or barbecued pork belly—but where are the vegetarian-friendly choices? After all, our vegetarian friends have extreme appetites too…maybe even more so than us non-vegetarians after day-in and day-out of vegetables, potatoes, lentils and quinoa. Being both Indian and having some past experience with the vegetarian lifestyle, I have just the dish for those days when you’re craving extreme eats of the veggie persuasion. To continue reading this article, please …

Vegetarian recipe

MORE If you have vegetarian friends to feed, and they like tofu, you’ll score huge points. Today’s recipe can be served as a main dish or side dish salad. With this recipe, be sure to use the extra-firm tofu so it holds its shape and doesn’t fall apart after roasting. Other than a smidge of nutty nuances, tofu is bland. It soaks up the flavors of whatever it is cooked with, making it a prime candidate for marinades. This recipe roasts tofu that’s been soaked in a soy-lime …

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