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Vegetarian Frozen-Food Company Is Shaking Up the Fast-Food Status Quo

By Josh Scherer | July 9, 2015   As beef prices continue to rise and McDonald’s hemorrhages profits, new players are jumping into the burger game. Chipotle’s vegan tofu and chile Sofritas went national about a year ago, White Castle officially made its veggie sliders a permanent menu item in March, and Wendy’s is fresh off a single-city black-bean burger test run that was so successful it went viral. Plant-based foods are coming in hot to the quick-serve game—whether it’s …

Step Aside Big Mac, Vegetarian Gets the Drive-Thru Treatment | The Range: The Tucson Weekly’s Daily Dispatch | Tucson Weekly

By Jamie Verwys | June 23, 2015   Fast food joints have a place in our culinary history, if we like it or not. Some would say it started as far back as 1921 when White Castle opened its doors in Wichita, Kansas. Others say McDonalds, the Mac Daddy of fast food, was the originator in 1948. Whatever its true origins, perception and quality of cheap burgers, fries and shakes delivered through a convenient window, have declined. The crusade against GMO foods and low quality ingredients is being …

Wendy’s testing veggie burger, and people like it | Metro

… systemwide, it would join chains like White Castle, Chipotle and Burger King in catering to meat-averse, health-conscious consumers. White Castle, which claims to be the first fast food chain in the US, made a vegetarian version of its popular slider sandwich a permanent menu item this year. Burger King offers a vegetable and grain-based, meat-free burger; Chipotle added shredded, spiced tofu sofritas to their roster of fillings for vegans and vegetarians earlier this year; and Subway too has a …

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