Thanksgiving Vegetarian Recipes: 8 Vegan Takes On Traditional Dishes

Thanksgiving dinner seems to get more complicated every year, as guests bring a whole host of dietary restrictions, eating preferences and food issues to feasts across the country along with the customary bottle of wine or pumpkin pie. Vegetarians and vegans are perhaps the most common people hosts find themselves catering to nowadays, and finding ways to offer good meal options that don’t include meat or animal-based products can be a difficult task.

But the good news is that with a little creativty, a meatless Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a joyless or flavorless one. Amateur cooks and chefs alike will find that side dishes, entrees and desserts that eschew meat in favor of vegetables, substitutes and other ingredients can sometimes be as good as, or superior to, their flesh-based counterparts.

This Thanksgiving, consult the list below for some fresh takes on old standards, as well as a few less traditional dishes that guests, whether vegan, vegetarian or omnivore, will enjoy. Some are healthy to boot, while others contain the fat, carbs and decadence so integral to any Thanksgiving smorgasbord:

Click on the link below for the recipes. Enjoy!

via Thanksgiving Vegetarian Recipes: 8 Vegan Takes On Traditional Dishes.

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