The 8 ways eating vegetarian changed my daily life

Eating vegetarian has surprisingly come easy for me. I shared during the week the details of My Vegetarian Experiment and today I want to share how it has changed my daily life or daily routine. Below are some of the changes I have noticed from cutting meat out of my diet:

1. I don’t feel tired after eating.
Before I started my vegetarian experiment I would eat a meal and immediately feel tired afterwards. I would kind of going into a food coma or slump mode and it would take hours to get my energy back. Now with only eating mainly fruit and vegetables, I simply don’t feel tired after eating. If I feel tired it is because I have been busy and doing too much or because I went to bed too late (my own fault!). It has nothing to do with food. A BIG difference in my life!

2. My skin looks and feels different.
One of the first early changes I noticed with my body was my skin. Especially on my face. It looked simply healthier, clearer and felt smoother surprisingly only after one week. It totally sounds crazy but I felt like my face had a new glow to it. I actually wasn’t expecting this change to happen so quickly or even at all but it has been a nice surprise and is a great motivator to keep going.

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