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GEORGE TOWN, Sept 28 – It’s perfect for breakfast. It’s perfect at tea break. It’s perfect for lunch or dinner or even supper.

It is available at many hawker centres, by the roadside and especially at vegetarian restaurants as it is also mostly vegetarian.

Yes, this is the humble char bee hoon (fried vermicelli) that is economical and simple enough to suit any palate or wallet any time of the day.

Though it is simple enough to cook, it is simpler to just buy a packet of char bee hoon from a roadside hawker for less than RM2 for a fast and easy meal.

There are several versions of this simple meal; a plain vegetarian version of just vermicelli and some greens or those with added garnishings of crunchy anchovies or a Malay-style version, with a dash of tomato sauce, chicken bits and shredded fried egg.

Whatever the version, the prerequisite ingredients for a satisfying plate of char bee hoon must include rice vermicelli and vegetables such as white cabbage,  Chinese cabbage (choy sum) or bean sprouts.

At most stalls, you get to choose to add some fried yellow noodles or koay teow (flat rice noodles) with the bee hoon to give it more texture.

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