The Perfect Vegetarian Taco –

By Jason Diamond | June 16, 2015

Credit: Melissa Hom

Even though beans, cheese, and lettuce are usually instrumental ingredients when you tell somebody you’re making tacos, they probably expect some sort of meat. Pork, chicken, or steak tend to be the stars of the show, while all the other things in the tortilla are relegated to secondary status.

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These roasted mushroom and grilled kale tacos from Bodega Negra Chef Michael Armstrong throw all of that out the window. The veggies are the main attraction, and let the peppers, garlic, and lime shine in a way that meat might end up overpowering. These tacos are so flavorful, that it only takes a few minor substitutions that could even make these a perfect option if you have some vegans coming over for dinner and need something to serve them.

Roasted Mushroom and Grilled Kale Tacos Bodega Negra Recipe by Chef Michael Armstrong 

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Source: The Perfect Vegetarian Taco –

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