This Meat-Eaters vs. Vegetarians/Vegans Shit Needs to Stop

I hope you enjoy reading this article which has been written by a meat-eater who is “fed up” with the politicising of food choices. I happen to agree with his thoughts on this topic. Everyone is entitled to their opinions – but there is no need to force those opinions onto any one else. 

Meat-eaters and vegans are getting into an angry spat involving a New York restaurant, and oh my God can they both please shut the hell up right now.

An organic restaurant in New York, GustOrganics, recently decided to phase meat off its menu out of concerns the meat industry is having on the environment. They didn’t get preachy about it, they just decided for themselves that they’d rather go meatless, which is fair. They of course immediately started getting hatemail from angry customers the owners started referring to as “CrossFit people” (I guess CrossFit involves a lot of meat-eating? Maybe that ridiculous Paleo diet I’ve heard people talk about? I have no knowledge of diet or exercise fads), because, sure, that’s a totally reasonable response and not the sort of thing a spoiled child would do. In response to the story about the hatemail, GustOrganics started getting messages of (occasionally snarky) support from vegans and oh God why are we still having this whole stupid conversation.

Let me start by making clear that you’d be hard-pressed to find someone more carnivorous than me. I’m pretty sure my bloodstream is about 90% bacon grease at this point. And yeah, if a restaurant I liked decided to go completely meatless, I’d be a little sad. What I wouldn’t do is throw a hissy fit and start sending the restaurant angry e-mails. There are plenty of other restaurants out there, and I am not and should not be that important to them because it’s their restaurant.

As long as the restaurant is clear about what sort of place they are now (e.g. whether or not they are vegan/have vegan options), what exactly is the problem? If a restaurant wants to go vegan, it’s their damn restaurant — just like if a person decides to go vegan, it’s their damn body. This meat-eaters vs. vegetarians/vegans thing couldn’t possibly be more of a stupid argument, and an incredibly emotionally-charged one.

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