Tips for making the switch to a plant-based diet – The Globe and Mail

By LESLIE BECK – Special to The Globe and Mail. Published Sunday, Feb. 22 2015, 12:00 PM EST

The overarching reasons for adopting a vegan diet don’t get talked about enough – especially by nutritionists like myself. Not only is it good for individual health, a shift toward a plant-based diet is vital for the future health of the planet. Even eating meat-free one day each week can make a difference.

But it’s not easy making the transition. I know – I’ve done it, reverted somewhat, but have good intentions of getting fully back on track. While not everyone is willing to go vegan, for those who are, it’s not something you do overnight or without guidance.

Here are some tips on making the transition:

Start with the familiar

Identify plant-based meals you are already eating (e.g., chickpea curry, veggie burgers, tofu stir-fry, black-bean tacos or a green salad with lentils) and rotate them into your menu more often. Even a breakfast of fruit and whole-grain toast spread with almond butter counts as a plant-based meal. And if you haven’t already, make it routine by instituting “meatless Monday.”

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