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Once upon a time, vegetarians had a few bland pasta dishes or some unexciting vegetable stir-frys to choose on most restaurant menus, but such limitations have all but disappeared in modern dining.

Top 25 Vegetarian Restaurants in the World

In an interview last January, all-star chef Alex Guarnaschelli said she believes that we’re entering a golden age of restaurants embracing the potential of vegetables. “The era of slapping together a bunch of vegetables if a vegan comes through your doors is coming to an end,” she added.

Vegetarian restaurants are on the rise, and they are becoming more creative and playful by the day. Today, an ever-evolving list of vegetarian eateries around the world are catching the eyes — and tempting the appetites — of even the staunchest carnivores among us with their creative and inventive dishes.

Some restaurants, like L’Arancia Blu in Rome, are offering modern spins on vegetarian classics, like ricotta di bufala ravioli, while others have developed vegefied versions of meat staples like Bodhi’s Peking “duck” (Sydney) or The Chicago Diner’s famous meatless Reuben sandwich. But nearly every restaurant on our list boasts completely original creations across all kinds of cuisine — like the Jamaican jerk tempeh or beet pierogi at Leaf in Boulder, Co. or El Huerto’s vegetarian ceviche in Santiago, Chile.

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