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The traditions of Thanksgiving are part of what makes it a favorite holiday. But sometimes it’s also about starting new traditions.

Sadhna Sheli, a reader from Los Angeles, is a vegetarian, but her husband’s family members from Israel are meat lovers. When her in-laws came to visit, she didn’t know how her new family would react. As it turned out, when her mother-in-law learned she was vegetarian, one of the first things she made for her was this colorful pomegranate salad. Cooking with her mother-in-law formed a bond, and Ms. Sheli said she was “instantly hooked on her and her salad!”

This pomegranate salad is also the perfect dish to offset some of the heavier, creamy vegetarian side dishes common during the holiday. The jewel-like pomegranates, combined with Romaine lettuce and roasted sesame seeds, are tossed with a homemade dressing of honey, date syrup, pomegranate juice and olive oil. “Kids will like it because it has that sweet element to it,” Ms. Sheli said.

A trained chef and currently a stay-at-home mother of four, Ms. Sheli started a vegetarian food blog, The Masala Girl: Peas & Love, and loves the interaction she has with her readers. The inspiration for many of her newer recipes comes from comments she receives from them. To test out new recipes, she said, she uses her four children — ages 18 months to 16 years — as her “recipe guinea pigs.”

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