Vegetarian Thanksgiving: Rice, Beet and Kale Salad With Cider Dressing –

For her Thanksgiving celebration in Canada in October, food blogger Allison Day hosts an entire family of gluten-free eaters. Complicating her menu is the fact that she is the only true vegetarian at the table.

“The celebration is a very different affair in my house, but delicious, nonetheless,” writes Ms. Day. “Healthy food is a priority in my kitchen, but so is delicious food.”

Ms. Day notes that navigating the world of vegetarian cooking and gluten-free cooking at the same time can be an adventure, particularly around the holidays. Her advice: keep it simple. She chooses naturally gluten-free and vegetarian foods like vegetables, beans and whole grains.

This delicious salad, made with rice, beets and kale and topped with a cider dressing, resulted from an effort to create a hearty-vegetarian dish for herself, while at the same time offering a delicious gluten-free option that the whole family would enjoy. She added the cider and flaxseed oil dressing because she liked the nutty taste with the black rice and adding a healthful oil to the dish.

“Its jewel-tones practically sparkle on a plate, and the flavours are punchy, yet muted enough to not overwhelm the other dishes,” she writes. “Being made-ahead, it’s ideal for the holidays. I love to make it one or two days in advance, really allowing the sharp dressing to permeate the inky black rice, soften the kale and give a glorious gloss to the beets. Serving this with goat cheese or feta would make it even more substantial.”

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