Vegetarian Thanksgiving: Vegetable Tarts, Big and Small –

A vegetable tart is a welcome addition to the Thanksgiving meal, offering vegetarian guests a hearty main course and tempting the turkey-eaters as a pleasing side dish.

For Well’s annual Vegetarian Thanksgiving, readers came up with two tasty tart options. One is a bite-size appetizer tart that will wow your crowd. The second is a larger savory tart that can be the centerpiece of a holiday table.

Ashley Wood of Winnipeg, Canada uses a mini-muffin tray to form the shells of her crowd-pleasing butternut squash and zucchini mini-tarts. The vegetable filling is made quick and easy by using a wok to cook the vegetables. “I do advise to make more than needed …because they vanish off the plate quickly!” she warns.

Swati Saha of New York uses a standard pie dish to make a savory tart of Kuri squash, mushrooms and kale, topped with grated asiago cheese to taste. Not only does it make an attractive main course that holds its own at the center of the table, the rosemary-infused crust offers a pleasing burst of flavor with every bite.

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