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Going cold turkey on a meat-based diet might leave your taste buds asking, “Where’s the beef?”

As the American trend toward vegetarianism continues, I occasionally hear from people who, for health or other reasons, have decided to try going from carnivore to vegetarian in one day and — surprise! — found it difficult or impossible, or at least unpleasant.

So I called Rachel Meltzer Warren, a registered dietitian and nutrition and author of “The Smart Girl’s Guide to Going Vegetarian” (Sourcebooks, $12.99), to ask her for tips on going cutting out meat as painlessly as possible.

First, she said, it’s important to understand the spectrum of vegetarianism. Vegans don’t eat any animal products; flexitarians tend not to eat meat but don’t rule it out completely. In the middle, you’ll find lacto-ovo vegetarians, who won’t eat meat but do eat dairy and eggs; and pescatarians, who eat fish.

“Or there’s a new word I just heard, ‘reducetarian,’ which is somebody who is trying to reduce the amount of meat in their diet,” Warren said.

The point isn’t to argue semantics. It’s to recognize that there are all sorts of ways to cut down on the amount of meat in your diet, and it’s OK if more restrictive diets don’t work for you — especially in meat-loving Texas.

via Vegetarianism 101: Make your transition a slow one – San Antonio Express-News.

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