What Do You Eat? The Staples of a Vegetarian Diet

As someone who has been living the vegetarian lifestyle for quite a few years now, I’ve been asked many questions about what it’s like to not include meat, fish and meat products in my diet. However, there are two questions that come up time and time again: “What exactly do you eat?” And, my personal favorite, “But where do you get your protein?”

So whether your going veggie or just trying to eat healthier, these are the vegetarian staples for a well-balanced diet!

The truth is that eating vegetarian, even if it’s only a few meals a week, can open you up your diet to variety of new, healthy foods. Instead of focusing on limitations, you can focus on finding foods naturally rich in protein, healthy fats and fiber, getting creative with fruits and veggies in the kitchen.

via What Do You Eat? The Staples of a Vegetarian Diet.

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