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By Sarah Tuck | June 17, 2015

Sarah Tuck Creamy mushrooms on polenta is a lovely vegetarian main, or pair with pork and fennel sausages.

The early winter that has hit New Zealand has made me immediately start craving comfort food and this simple but delicious menu definitely hits the spot.

The mushrooms are creamy and full of earthy flavour, and I love soft polenta as an alternative to the regular carb offerings of rice, mash or pasta. This dish is vegetarian but would team beautifully with pork and fennel sausages if you felt you couldn’t forgo a meat accompaniment.

The lemon delicious is my super-lemony take on this old-school classic. I love a good citrus hit but if you like your lemon dishes a little less mouth-puckering, cut the zest back to just half a lemon.

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Source: What I make when … I need comfort | Stuff.co.nz

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