What’s On Your Plate? 6 Ways Your Diet Affects Your Love Life

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How your eating habits alter your dating life, from sparking arguments to lowering your libido.

In honor of National Women’s Health Week, we’re taking a closer look at how our lifestyle choices influence our love lives. Single or taken, our relationship with food is by far the most emotional. When you stop and think about it, food sneaks into our love lives in ways we don’t even realize. We bond over dinner dates and share our deepest secrets with each other over cups of late night coffee. We toast glasses of wine to our significant other when we reach our anniversary milestones, and we indulge in sweets in the throes of a breakup … only to start the cycle all over again when a new person catches our eye.

But there’s no denying that eating — emotional or not — affects our lives in ways we don’t fully appreciate. From being a vegetarian to late night snacking, these healthy (and not so healthy) ways that food is affecting your love life.

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