When in India, MNCs serve as Indians do

MNCs in this segment innovate swiftly on fare, on learning their business models which work elsewhere won’t do here

, by and large, have similar products across markets. However, international  have had to change this  completely, to adapt to Indian preferences.

For instance, , known globally for its pizzas, is counting on rice and vegetarian dishes to grow revenue in India. Items such as vegetable biryani and rice bowls, introduced in recent months, are expected to give the company about a tenth of its turnover in one year. Dunkin’ Donuts, globally known for its doughnuts and coffee, already gets a third of its revenue from burgers, wraps and sandwiches, something it introduced only last year. Starbucks, known for its take-away culture in the US, its biggest market, has had to reinvent itself as a sit-in restaurant-cum-cafe chain, since Indians simply don’t enjoy picking up stuff on the go.

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