Why Aamir, Alia, Farhan opted for a vegetarian detox – Life and style

By Dhara Vora & Krutika Behrawala | June 2, 2015

Keen to regain the glow on your skin? Is the heat stopping you from tucking into mutton biryani? Experts tell you how to cleanse your system by opting for a vegetarian detox diet

Does it work?
While most non-vegetarians might cringe at the thought of eating only greens or indulging in curries sans fish, a vegetarian detox does help in cleansing your system, believe experts. “Cleansing a system requires plenty of fibre in soluble and insoluble forms, backed up with plenty of fluids. Non-vegetarian fare; however, contains very little natural fibre as compared to a vegetarian meal.

It requires more time to digest, causing a load on the digestive tract and produces more acids which require a lot more fluid to neutralise and flush out. Hence, vegetarian diets work solely to detoxify the system when administered cleverly in the right proportions and quantities as required by the individual,” believes city-based lifestyle nutrition consultant, Tripti Gupta.

“A detox is a change of diet from what you are currently eating, especially if you have overeaten or indulged in something like alcohol. It helps to get your body back to normal. So, going vegetarian is just one of the ways of detoxing,” says dietician Eileen Canday. She also feels that getting a good source of fibre and hydration of the body are the most positive aspects of a veggie detox.

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Source: Why Aamir, Alia, Farhan opted for a vegetarian detox – Life and style

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