Why I’m going vegetarian after seeing shocking Animal Aid film of UK abbatoir cruelty

19 February 2015 by Kate Morris 

I’m going vegetarian after eating meat for 50 years, since seeing shocking film of UK abbatoir cruelty

One in eight Brits are now vegetarian. Kate Morris explains why, after eating meat all her life, the recent undercover footage of animal cruelty has made her become one too

Going veggie: Kate is going to be eating a lot more of these

I have always had a strong empathy with animals. I once spent three days of a seven-day holiday finding a home for a tiny kitten with a broken leg who was abandoned in a busy souk in Essaouira.

I boycott circuses and zoos where animals perform and am loathe to go on holidays in third world countries because I can’t bear to witness the abuse of donkeys and other working animals. I don’t eat battery chickens and try to buy meat with a known provenance, usually from a good butcher.

I love the taste of meat and fish, but somewhere buried deep inside, I have always toyed with the idea of one day becoming a vegetarian. That day has come. I have decided to give up meat.

The shocking video of a Yorkshire slaughterhouse

The catalyst is the shocking footage released earlier this month from Animal Aid, who covertly filmed the Bowood Lamb abbatoir in North Yorkshire over three days in December. The footage showed animals being brutally tortured, and reading the evidence made me weep.

If slaughterhouses had glass walls we would all be vegetarian

The horrific report has reopened the debate about whether all animals should be stunned before they are killed (at the moment there are exceptions to the rule for meat consumed by Muslims and Jews). There are growing demands that CCTV be made obligatory in all slaughterhouses.

To finish reading this article, click on this link (warning you will find some graphic language that may upset you):  via Why I’m going vegetarian after seeing shocking Animal Aid film of UK abbatoir cruelty.

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