Why this Lower Parel restaurant will thrill vegetarians – Life and style

I’ve added this article because of the amazing images. Click on the link below for inspirational ideas on how to serve your Vegetarian meals. Very imaginative.

By Krutika Behrawala |Posted 25-Feb-2015

With its versatile Mediterranean fusion menu and traditional fare served with a twist, Lower Parel’s Ithaka is a vegetarian’s delight

We walked into Lower Parel’s newly-opened eatery, Ithaka: Veg Lebanese Kitchen the sister concern of Riso that’s a floor below with a sense of trepidation. Considering the space served only vegetarian food, we expected limited fare. After all, authentic Lebanese cuisine is as much about fresh fish, chicken and lamb as it is about Batata Harra (spiced potatoes) and Baba Ghanoush (cooked eggplant).

But we were in for a pleasant surprise. Warmly lit with interesting wooden tiles carved with names of Lebanese dishes suspended from the ceiling, the eatery offers tons of options across sections (with at least six dishes in each) including soups, salads, a section of cold and warm mezzos (appetisers), pizzas, rice, fondue and a grill bar.

It has achieved this feat by creating a fusion menu that not only includes traditional Lebanese fare but also tosses in Greek, Spanish and even Italian-style dishes under the larger Mediterranean umbrella. With a skip of the soups and salads, we plumbed for the vast cold and hot mezzo sections.

We opted for the Mediterranean Tart Platter (`325) as a cold appetiser and Turkish Kebab With Green Mustard Sauce (`350) in the hot mezzo section. Despite being on a self-imposed ban from cottage cheese, we still found plenty of options in the Mediterranean mains, and ordered Brocolli and Creamy Rice (`450) and Potato Rosti Pizza (`475).

Till the food arrived, we sipped on Kontiki (`250), a mocktail with pineapple juice, passion fruit syrup, coconut milk, chocolate sauce and cream. It was a tad sour for our liking. The Mediterranean Tart Platter comprised six thin, crispy canapé-like tarts, each filled with a different type of hummus traditional chickpea, one with garlic and red chilli and a green one with basil.

via Why this Lower Parel restaurant will thrill vegetarians – Life and style.

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